Can reduction of global food losses and food waste save the future? part 2

The present unsustainable consumer development in the world will lead to the inevitable cataclysm that will threaten the very existence of the human race. The present Western scenario, despite the Post Growth Economy, already contributes to more than 60% of the world’s CO2 emissions, is now accompanied by the growing economies in BRIC countries. For they, too, want two cars per family, they too want to consume and over-consume, they too want to waste food. Because it is the model in the Western countries, the only model everyone knows. This model has to be changed – for everyone.

We don’t need to get out of our comfort zones. We don’t need to fire workers and close businesses. We don’t need to move out to the countryside and start growing our own food. We need to develop new sustainable structures and strategies for the Green Growth Economy, which must replace the old paradigm. Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer, former German Federal Minister and former Executive Director of UNEP, said at Welthungerhilfe conference in Bonn 'Move! United for Sustainable Development' that the “let’s get rich now and clean up later” model is not sustainable anymore. We need to end the old linear thinking and introduce the new circular thinking, the circular economy; where all aspects from cradle to cradle are addressed. We need to introduce new LEAN systems, new methods of waste prevention and waste recycling – new methods of intelligent economy and intelligent managing of world’s resources.

We need to make a consumer revolution.

4 years ago, when I started Stop Wasting Food movement, there was not much talk about food waste in Denmark. Today, “food waste” became one of the central buzzwords in the media, the consumers are taking a remarkable stand and the politicians, as well as the EU Parliament and FAO are taking action. The Stop Wasting Food movement has ultimately become Denmark’s biggest NGO against food waste.

by Selina Juul, Founder of Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark (Stop Spild Af Mad) www.selinajuuul.com - www.stopspildafmad.dk/inenglish.html

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